Nowadays, there is rising demand for professional decorators in the market to decorate for wedding functions, engagement parties, birthdays, anniversaries and many other occasions. Although, these decorators are already in demand to decorate for important events like wedding and engagement parties; however, due to the changing times people are also hiring them for small occasions like gender reveal or a welcome party.

The reason behind it is simply because the new generation, unlike the traditional way, wants to go all out on making parties remarkable regardless of their scale. So, hiring professional decorators is a good idea to make the party look more exotic. However, the idea of using several adornments and canopy as a decorative item was tossed and now it is used profoundly to make excellent decorative designs which help in making the party venue look gorgeous.


Canopy decoration is best suited for functions like weddings and engagement parties which are mostly held at an outdoor location. It is an easy way to impress your guests because canopy decorations give off an elegant look which helps in making your evening time more enjoyable. First Fun offers canopy decoration services at a reasonable price range and we are already famous for our top quality services in Delhi so there's no need to hesitate before hiring us.


First Fun understands your feelings and knows that you want to make that special day memorable for your loved ones. That's why we give our best in every decoration project. You can avail our decoration services for a plethora of occasions like Valentine's day, wedding anniversary, birthday parties and even baby showers because we know there's no shortage of reasons to celebrate and we want to support that idea.


When we were kids, we were always hyped about our birthdays so we understand the enthusiasm that kids show when it comes to their birthday parties. As a parent, you must have tried to make the birthday day as fun as possible for them and to help you with that First Fun uses a wide variety of balloons like helium balloons, foil balloons, coloured balloons, LED balloons, fairy lights and even balloons with ribbons.

We focus on using balloons so much that most children tend to like balloons and it also helps in making the mood fun and cheery for the rest of the day. We also use these decorations on occasions like baby showers which mark the starting of a new journey in a mother's life. Our team tries their best to decorate this joyous moment and turn it into an unforgettable experience.

For Beautiful canopy decoration at home we use fairy lights especially if it is evening fairy lights looks fabulus,  if it is day use rose flower petals at Floor romantic canopy decorations.  We provide tent decoration fairy lights  tent decoration for canopy decoration.

At the time of booking decoration, we avoid  take 24 hour before due to some factors -

Weather conditions 

Government restrictions

People generally prefers Day Booking to avoid night curfew due to corona factor.